SPARQL Builder is an intelligent tool that assists a user to generate a query with no knowledge of SPARQL and RDF data schema on SPARQL endpoints for biologists. The tool is designed for generating a query to find semantic paths on a set of various large scale “omic” data that forms a complicated network over the instances (data) categolised as ontological classes.

In order to provide candidate semantic paths interactively without stressful waits, the tool crawls major biomedical SPARQL endpoints such as the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) RDF platform to obtain  metadata of the datasets and these are used to quick search for an interesting path for a user.  Because the metadata is a summary of RDF data schema and is not limited for our SPARQL Builder, the metadata is defined as a general specification called SPARQL Builder metadata (SBM) by extending the vocabulary of interlinked datasets (VoID) and the vocabulary for describing SPARQL service 1.1 Service Description with our original vocabularies that describe metadata for constructing semantic paths with statistics.

The architecture of the tool is designed to be embedded in a external tool by providing an application programming interface (API) as a library in JavaScript though the tool itself is an  individual application.